Features of yacht and boat transportation

Features of yacht and boat transportation

With the passage of time, cargo transportation is becoming more and more complex and diverse. Relatively recently no one could imagine that in the future it would be possible to transport entire houses, churches and other architectural objects. Today this practice is used in many countries. However, in our country large-scale cargo transportation has not yet been carried out. Despite this, in our country the number of available types of cargo transportation has also increased. A striking example is the transportation of ATMs, payment terminals. In the not so distant past, such service was a rarity. Now it is included in the main list of services of many transport companies.

Transportation of yachts and boats is one more popular type of transport services. This is not surprising, as the number of Americans who can afford such a purchase is increasing each year. Naturally, at the same time with the purchase there is often a need to transport the boat to the place of navigation. That is the reason why transport companies have started to provide such service to their clients.

Preparation of boats and yachts for transportation

As a rule, transportation of such cargo is carried out with the help of road or rail transport. This can be explained by the fact that the dimensions of yachts and launches are large. Not every vehicle can cope with transportation. But lowbed trailers are perfect for such tasks. It is almost unreal to transport a boat or a yacht by oneself. The fact is that the hull of watercrafts is very fragile. Accordingly, for successful transportation it is necessary to have certain knowledge and devices.

At that, it is also important to take into account the small vertical stability of the small watercraft. To preserve the integrity of the yacht during transportation it is necessary to secure it well, using special stretchers and supports. As a rule, the choice of auxiliary elements is made on an individual basis. In this case, specialists take into account the shape, length, area, height and other important parameters of the boat. It is very problematic to prepare a cargo vehicle for yacht transportation by oneself. This is especially true if the owner of the vessel does not have a large sum of money.

As for the procedure of loading and unloading the boat from the car, it is also very problematic. For this, in most cases, specialized equipment is used. If you transport it yourself, you will have to rent it for a considerable price.

During transport
Even if the owner of the vessel has successfully prepared the yacht for transportation, you should not relax. After this you will have to choose the most appropriate route. Moreover, other problems can arise on the way.

If we talk about the intricacies of drawing up a route it is advisable for the driver to avoid railway crossings, bridges and overpasses. Such objects should be crossed only as a last resort. To make sure that the yacht shipment goes well and the route is perfect, it is advisable to trust experienced logisticians for this job.

Another important point is that transportation of boats and yachts shall be considered as oversized cargo transportation. Accordingly, this process must be carried out in accordance with the requirements for this type of cargo. If you plan to transport a boat internationally, it is important to comply with the requirements that apply not only in our country but also in the country where you plan to go. In this case, you will have to go through all the steps of customs clearance for transportation.

Everyone will agree that the process of transporting boats and yachts is very complicated. In order to conduct it without any problems, it requires experience, skills and special equipment. The optimal variant would be a professional transportation of a yacht or a boat to the place of navigation.


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