Historic bridge in Indiana destroyed by an overloaded truck

Historic bridge in Indiana destroyed by an overloaded truck

The historic iron bridge in the city of Pauli, Indiana (USA), was recently destroyed by an overloaded truck, writes Dorinfo.ru and https://en.truckdispatchertraining.us/truck-dispatch-service/flatbed/. The female driver was unable to convert pounds to tons to make sure her car would be able to cross the structure, according to the American channel WDRB.

The bridge, built in 1880, was Pauli’s landmark. Passage on it was allowed only for cars whose weight does not exceed 6 tons. The 23-year-old American woman driving the truck was unable to convert the weight of her car from pounds to tons, but decided to drive over the structure, hoping it would hold up. It turned out that the truck loaded with mineral water weighed more than 30 tons, which is five times the permissible load. The iron structures of the bridge could not stand it and deformed, the girl was not injured.

For non-compliance with the requirements of the traffic sign, the driver of the truck was fined $135. The bridge will remain closed to traffic for several months until restoration work is completed, officials said.


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