The term “logistics” and independent truck dispatcher training has been known to people since ancient times – in Ancient Greece people who checked the reports of officials were called logisticians. D of the Byzantine Empire, logisticians were involved in supplying the army and managing its movements. Logistics made a big step in its development during the Second World War in the United States, when it switched from purely military needs to the supply and marketing activities of civilian enterprises.

The 1970s in the world economy were characterized by increased competition. In this regard, the leaders of many companies began to look for ways to reduce costs and lower production costs, based on the concept of business logistics. The production of warehouse equipment began to actively develop, new types of containers and packaging were developed and introduced, large automated warehouse complexes were formed.

In the last decade of the 20th century, the general

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concept of “logistics” began to mean a number of areas: purchasing, production, marketing, transport, information, etc. more details about what logistics is and what it includes can be found in the article on our website. The modern approach is to unite all areas within one company and build the so-called “logistics chains” to achieve maximum efficiency of the enterprise. This led to the emergence of separate logistics companies that provide a whole range of logistics services, including transportation, handling and storage of goods, customs clearance, information management, document flow, etc., thus relieving the burden on manufacturing companies and freeing up their capacity to perform their core activities. …

In Russia, for a long time, they did not recognize the importance of logistics companies, they were afraid to entrust control over the movement of material assets to third parties, preferring to act the old-fashioned way on their own. But the crisis of 2008-09, to some extent, contributed to the development of logistics outsourcing in our country: faced with the need to reduce costs, manufacturing companies increasingly began to resort to the services of logistics operators and, over time, appreciated all the advantages of such cooperation.


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