How to prepare for a move with a child

How to prepare for a move with a child

Moving is quite a troublesome, nerve-racking, and costly undertaking. It is necessary to think through every detail, and often something will not go according to plan anyway. The process of moving can be further complicated by the presence of children. A child will complicate the very procedure of changing homes, in addition, he will have their own anxieties and concerns about changing the familiar way of life, which will need to dispel.

It all depends on the age

The main problem that may arise when moving with children is their fear of the new place of residence. The child will have to re-establish communication, get used to a new routine, perhaps even change the rhythm of life. Children of different ages react differently to this event, so it is necessary to decide the problem depending on this factor.

Children under 6 years of age. A child of this age takes the move relatively painlessly, often it is only important that Mom and Dad were around, and all other factors are secondary. Of course, older children in this age range may have some anxiety about moving, but this can usually be easily dispelled with a walk in the new neighborhood and a demonstration of your future home. This will be enough to calm your toddler down and make it easy for them to accept the move.
Children 6 to 12 years old. The situation with this age category is significantly worse. Many psychologists generally recommend that, if possible, you do not change your home with a child of this age. You need to be aware that your son or daughter will have to change schools (remember, what problems may arise with newcomers in the class), the circles he or she attends, and the social circle in general. In addition, the very change of residence is a lot of stress.
It is better to prepare children of this age for the move in advance. You should convey all the advantages of a new home, as well as the area of residence. It is necessary to find an approach to a particular child: maybe he always wanted to do a sport, but could not because of the removal of the section, and now such an opportunity will appear; maybe he did not like to get to school by transport, and now the place of education will be within walking distance, etc. Many children may be bribed by the fact that you will listen to their opinions on the choice of wallpaper or baseboard.
Children over the age of 12. This age group is much easier to tolerate a change of home than past ones, but there may be some problems here, too. They are no longer so afraid of a change of social circle, and often on the contrary, they are looking forward to it. At the same time, if a child of this age does not want to change housing, it will be very difficult to talk him or her into it. Here a simple demonstration of a new apartment and neighborhood will not be enough.
Given that children of this age will become adults very soon, almost all of the benefits for which you chose a new home will also be relevant to them. Therefore, be sure to have a serious dialogue in which you clearly and calmly explain all the benefits of moving. In case the child took a tough stance and no arguments do not work on him, it is worth to go for tricks. Most children want to decide for themselves in what room they will live – give them this opportunity. Let him choose the interior of his room on their own, it will almost always incline him in favor of moving. Do not worry if he will choose wallpaper that seems terrible to you, firstly, if it’s really so, it will be an invaluable experience for the child, and when repairing their future apartment is such a mistake will not make, and secondly, do not forget that his tastes should not coincide with yours, and that your son or daughter will spend most of your time in the nursery, and not you.

Moving procedure
The very process of moving with children is not too different from the same process without them. Very young children are better sent to grandparents, then the move will be significantly less stressful for both you and them. Older children can be involved in the move, but it is better to let them pack any unbreakable items, such as stuffed toys.


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