Profitability of freight transportation

Profitability of freight transportation

One of the most important issues facing entrepreneurs is the profitability of the chosen field of activity and truck dispatcher training cost. Currently, very many are eager to provide transportation services, because there is demand for them at all times of the year. It is believed that the profitability of freight transportation is very high and can reach 200%. Is it so?

On the one hand – yes, the income in this industry is significant, and the costs with a competent organization are not so great. But you should consider several other factors. For example, the massive dumping. Many private entrepreneurs prefer to work illegally, without signing any contracts and without paying taxes. Accordingly, they undercut the price of their services in every possible way. As a result, reputable firms also have to reduce prices, which for them is not very profitable.

Do not forget about the running costs. If to open a company enough to have a car and the amount for the share capital, with time there are more and more new expenses. Rent, hiring staff, car maintenance, and the payment of insurance premiums at first can “eat up” all the profits. In addition, it is very important to have the so-called “revolving fund” (about 150-200 thousand rubles). This will allow you to promptly solve all the problems that arise, earning a reputation. It is also necessary to take into account some risks that significantly affect the profitability of the enterprise. First of all difficulties with the registration of insurance and considerable insurance premiums.

Also on the profitability of the firm affects the size of the fleet. Practice shows that it is best to start with two cars, as one will “work off” the cost, and the second – to bring profits. Excessive increase in the fleet should also not be, because it will lead to increased taxation, and hence the problems with the recoupment.

Type of car should choose, based on the specialization of the office. Only in this case, the costs will pay off as quickly as possible. Very profitable to use small trucks (with a load capacity of at least 1.5 tons and a body volume of about 15 m3), so they are ideal for apartment, office and other moving. And for novice carriers, in fact, this is one of the most profitable niches. Also very profitable refrigerators, long trucks at 20t and Eurofuries.

In general, the profitability of trucking is really high, and relatively small costs (compared with other areas) pay off quite quickly.


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