Transportation of construction cargo: auto or railway

Transportation of construction cargo: auto or railway

Construction cargo is transported both from the place of production to the point of sale, and from the seller to the final buyer for construction. Depending on the volume of cargo, the type and duration of the route, you should choose different types of transport. For more information, please visit dispatcher training.

Transportation of building materials by cars
Road transport is popular for all types of cargo. Building materials can also be transported by trucks. This is especially convenient in several cases:

small volumes of cargo;
the need to deliver cargo directly to the place of its use;
short transportation distance.
It is by cars that it is easiest to deliver building materials to the construction site (including along temporary roads). The cost of transportation by car is relatively low. Due to the popularity of this type of transportation, various transport options have appeared for different types of cargo, which simplify the transportation process.

Necessary conditions for carriage by car
For a successful road transport, it is not necessary to lay permanent roads with high-quality surfaces. A temporary roadbed made of reinforced concrete slabs will suffice.

The volume of cargo can be different: from 1 to 40 tons and more. Different types of transport can be used depending on the size of the cargo. Construction cargo can be oversized and can also be transported by trucks.
Most often, road transport is resorted to over short distances or in cases where this is the most profitable option.

Features of road transport for the transportation of construction materials
Construction materials can be transported by both conventional trucks and vehicles specially designed for this. It all depends on the type of cargo and its quantity.

For small loads weighing up to several tons, standard flatbed trucks and dump trucks are used.
Trawls are used for heavy and oversized cargo.
For special cargo, specialized transport is used: concrete trucks (for transporting concrete mix), auto-mortar trucks (for all types of mortars), cement trucks (for transporting any powdery cargo), as well as various forms of trucks for transporting reinforced concrete structures: panel trucks, beam trucks, plate trucks, block carriers.
In exceptional cases, heavy trucks are used, which are capable of transporting goods up to 120 tons.

Transportation of construction materials by rail
Transportation by rail is required for long-distance transportation or in cases where it is not possible to send by road. The railway accounts for about a quarter of the total volume of transportation of construction materials.

Construction cargo can be transported by all types of railway transport. Depending on the weight, dimensions, number of seats and other characteristics, you can send:

in containers;
in covered wagons;
in gondola cars;
on universal platforms;
in hopper cars;
in tanks.


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