What is rigging?

What is rigging?

Rigging is a special set of activities carried out during the loading, transportation and unloading of bulky goods. This service is relevant when working with large items. Unlike similar services, oversized transportation is carried out using specialized equipment. Such equipment is used for fastening, fixing and further movement of various goods, including industrial ones. Everyone knows about it in the best trucking dispatcher training.

Features of rigging work
Under the rigging means a variety of devices:

steel cables;
textile slings;
Depending on the weight of the structure, one or another type of tool is selected. But the most important rule is that the loading process is carried out without the original packaging of products.

This service is relevant when moving the office or to a new place of residence. Disposal of construction waste, old furniture, musical instruments is carried out only with the help of experienced loaders and special equipment. The need for rigging also arises when an apartment building is not equipped with a freight elevator. In this case, you can not do without the help of a company of specialists and equipment.

The cost of such a service is always calculated individually, since the price list takes into account the number of storeys, weight, dimensions of the cargo. Specialists take into account the plan of the area, what equipment will be needed in the process, possible difficulties during loading and unloading.

If necessary, the contract includes additional conditions: dismantling of packaging, installation and connection of equipment in a new location, garbage disposal, etc.


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